About Injuries

Canadians between the ages of 1 to 44 are more likely to die of a preventable injury that any other cause. 

For Canadians aged 45 to 64, injuries are the third leading cause of death.Preventable injuries are among the top causes of hospitalizations for Canadians of all ages. Predictable and preventable injuries in Canada result in:

  • 16,000 deaths
  • 231,000 hospital stays
  • 3.5 million visits to emergency rooms
  • 60,000-plus disabilities; and
  • $26.8 billion in total economic burden

What do we mean by “preventable injuries”? 

These are often called “accidents”: motor vehicle crashes, falls, poisonings, or concussions.  

The reality is that:

  • up to 90 per cent of serious injuries are predictable and, therefore, preventable
  • We know what causes injuries, whether is it driver error, weather conditions, poor construction or maintenance. The good news is that we know many of the solutions to prevent fatal and serious injuries to Canadians.

Injuries can be unintentional such as when someone is hurt from a fall or burn or in a traffic collision. 

Intentional injuries result from a deliberate act of harm to oneself or another, such as suicide or murder. 

The three leading causes of unintentional injury-related deaths and unintentional injury-related hospitalizations for Canadians are: