Backyard Pool Safety – Situational Assessment Results (2016)

In this report, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health provides an insight on drowning prevention to help policy makers make an informed decision on how to prevent drowning in backyard pools. The report explores whether safer pool fencing bylaws are an effective part of a comprehensive drowning prevention strategy.



This public awareness campaign aims to educate Canadians that cannabis impairs a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Vision Zero

This international traffic safety movement envisions zero death and serious injuries on our roads. Parachute is Canada’s national lead, supporting local efforts.

Product safety

Learn about consumer product and child safety in Canada, including the regulation of window blind and curtain cords, BPA, lead and pesticides.

Radon gas

Radon is a radioactive gas produced when the uranium in rock and soil breaks down. It’s natural for radon gas to be released into the air outside but radon gas can be dangerous if it’s released and trapped in a closed space, such as your home. How radon gas can get into your home Radon […]

Hot tap water

  • How to check and lower the tap water temperature in your home.
  • Water temperature for health and cleaning concerns.

Core Elements for Vision Zero Communities (2018)

This resource was designed to help communities set out their Vision Zero priorities, create meaningful results related to road safety, and compare their progress to best practices. The resource encourages leaders to focus on the most effective actions and will help to hold them accountable to the commitment made to Vision Zero.

Policy Makers' Perceptions of the Role of Research and Injury Prevention Legislation (2018)

This brief report examines the results of the survey related specifically to policy makers’ perceptions of the importance of research in facilitating child injury prevention legislation in Canada.

Teen pedestrian safety infographic

With the support of FedEx, Parachute conducted a poll of Canadian teenagers in 2014 to better understand the habits and experiences associated with distracted walking and pedestrian safety for teens. The results are captured in this infographic.

Too Hot for Tots! Evaluation of a Paediatric Burns Prevention Resource (2011)

Too Hot for Tots! is a professionally produced video with an accompanying brochure package developed to teach caregivers about burn injuries that often happen in the home.

The effectiveness of Too Hot for Tots! is assessed through this impact evaluation conducted by the B.C. Injury Prevention Unit. The evaluation results demonstrated a statistically significant increase in caregiver’s knowledge, attitudes and practices around burns prevention in the home after exposure to the program.