Vision Zero

This international traffic safety movement envisions zero death and serious injuries on our roads. Parachute is Canada’s national lead, supporting local efforts.


Radon gas

Radon is a radioactive gas produced when the uranium in rock and soil breaks down. It’s natural for radon gas to be released into the air outside but radon gas can be dangerous if it’s released and trapped in a closed space, such as your home. How radon gas can get into your home Radon […]


You will find these terms used throughout the Cost of Injury Report 2021. All-terrain vehicle (ATV), snowmobile All-terrain vehicle is a motor vehicle of special design to enable it to negotiate rough or soft terrain or snow. This category includes hovercraft on land or swamp and snowmobiles and excludes hovercraft on open water. Costs per […]


Ontario Fall Prevention Collaborative

This diverse group of health and social service practitioners from across Ontario come together to share information, analyze trends and respond collectively to the need for change and innovation in fall prevention.


This report is the fourth of its kind, the previous reports being published in 1998 (using 1995 data), 2009 (using 2004 data) and 2015 (using 2010 data). Due to differences in methodology used in this report, it is not possible to draw direct comparisons with previous reports. This report presents data at the national level […]

Cost of Injury in Canada

Parachute’s Cost of Injury in Canada 2021 report quantifies the cost of injury from a societal perspective, including costs to the health-care system, to productivity and to the people behind the numbers: individuals, families, communities.

POLL: Even with reduced in-class school attendance, school zone traffic safety has not improved, parents report

45% of Canadians feel that traffic congestion around school zones is a top road safety concern  TORONTO (October 13, 2020)  – While more than one-quarter of Canadian elementary-school children are no longer travelling to school regularly this fall, a majority of parents report that school zone traffic congestion and driver behaviour has either worsened or not improved. […]

Nearly all Canadians want safer roads, but fewer are willing to embrace proven measures to make that happen

That’s a key finding from a national survey conducted by Ipsos for Parachute, Canada’s national charity dedicated to injury prevention, and supported by Desjardins as part of their joint commitment to Vision Zero road safety initiatives. May 27, 2021 (Toronto, Ontario) – Nearly all Canadians agree that everyone must do their part to make the roads safe […]

The shocking pile of shoes

In late February 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the West was on the brink of moving into lockdown, I travelled to Stockholm to immerse myself in a different kind of epidemic — the scourge of traffic deaths and injuries.