Parachute Safe Kids Week 2017 – Resources


Parachute Safe Kids Week is a national awareness campaign developed to bring attention to predictable and preventable injuries in children. This year, Parachute Safe Kids Week took place June 5 – 11, 2017 and focused on promoting safe and active transportation: Walk, Bike, Wheel, which includes walking, cycling, skateboarding, scootering and other wheeled activities.

This year’s theme was everyday superhero, which encouraged children to become leaders in road safety by learning how to stay active and keep themselves and their loved ones safe on their travels to and from school, to the bus stop, and around their neighbourhood. Parents can guide their child’s activities by modelling safe behaviour and practices on the road, and also being aware of their child’s skill level.

There are a few easy steps we can all take to keep children, and ourselves safe. Start by taking part. Communities across Canada participated in Parachute Safe Kids Week.

Community Toolkit (Sold out)

Our community toolkits are now sold out.


Backgrounder (PDF)

An overview of Parachute Safe Kids Week and the focus for 2017.

Tip sheet  (PDF – print double-sided one page)

Active Transportation Safety Tips – a guide for parents and caregivers.

Walk, Bike and Wheel Community Event Guide (PDF)

How to organize a short walk, bike or wheel to school or in the community to celebrate Safe Kids Week 2017, and get children excited about using active transportation.

Walking School Bus Activity Guide (PDF)

A guide to organizing a Walking School Bus event for your community.