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Parachute provides a number of injury prevention resources available free to download. Please reference the following requirements for the use of Parachute materials:

Use of materials in their entirety

If the resource is unaltered in any way, we encourage you to download, print, reprint and share these resources, which are designed to prevent injuries and save lives. If you are incorporating a resource, in its entirety, into something that will be reprinted, please provide the following attribution: Copyright Parachute 2013

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Download resources

Parachute is no longer printing resources in hard copy. However, the following resources are available electronically to download. Please email David ( if you have any questions.

Safe Kids Week Resources

Please visit our Safe Kids Week Resources page to download our resources for Parachute's Safe Kids Week.

    Car seats

  1. Infant Seats
  2. Rear-facing Seats
  3. Forward-facing Seats
  4. Booster Seats
  5. Child Seat Belts


  1. Concussion Guide for Physicians
  2. Return-to-School Strategy
  3. Concussion: The Basics
  4. Return-to-Sport Strategy
  5. Concussion Guide for Teachers
  6. Concussion Guide for Coaches and Trainers
  7. Concussion Guide for Athletes
  8. Concussion Guide for Parents and Caregivers
  9. Sport Concussion Recognition Tool 5 (CRT5)
  10. Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport, Berlin 2016
  11. Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT5)
  12. Child Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (Child SCAT5)
  13. Brain Waves Parent Resource
  14. Brain Injuries Fact Sheet
  15. Things to know about concussion

    Driving and road safety

  1. Devon MVC Toolkit

    Drowning prevention

  1. Drowning Prevention - Pool Fencing Diagrams
  2. Pool Fencing: Key Features
  3. Lifejacket / PFD Fitting
  4. Lifejacket / PFD Fashion Show
  5. Tip Sheet - Swimming
  6. Poster - 57 Kids
  7. Parachute Safe Kids Week Backgrounder
  8. S.P.L.A.S.H.E.S. into Summer Safety


  1. Which Helmet for Which Activity?
  2. Facts and Myths about Helmet Legislation
  3. Wear it Right Every Time
  4. Helmet Safety Activity - Melon Drop
  5. Helmet Safety Activity - Egg Drop
  6. Follow the 2 V 1 rule to make sure your helmet fits right

    Home safety

  1. Home Safe Home
  2. Safe Kids At Every Stage - 3 to 5 years
  3. SafeKidsAtEveryStage-6to12.pdf
  4. Safe Kids At Every Stage - 1 to 2 years
  5. Safe Kids At Every Stage - 0 to 6
  6. Poster: Home Safety For Your Kids’ Sake
  7. Keep Your Child Safe At Home - Simplified Chinese
  8. Keep Your Child Safe At Home - Punjabi
  9. Keep Your Child Safe At Home - Portuguese

    Pedestrian safety

  1. Walk This Way - Halloween Safety Tip Sheet

    Poison prevention

  1. White Paper on the Prevention of Poisoning of Children in Canada
  2. Out of Sight and Locked up Tight!
  3. Protecting You rFamily from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.pdf

    Rail safety

  1. CrossSAFE Rail Safety Program Backgrounder
  2. CrossSAFE Rail Safety Tips for Teens
  3. CrossSAFE Rail Safety Infographic
  4. CrossSAFE Rail Safety Tips for Kids
  5. CrossSAFE Rail Safety Tips for Parents and Caregivers
  6. CrossSAFE Rail Safety Key Messages
  7. CrossSAFE Rail Safety Social Media Guide

    Sports safety

  1. Return-to-Sport Strategy
  2. Concussion Guide for Teachers
  3. Concussion Guide for Coaches and Trainers
  4. Seven Cycling Tips for Parents
  5. Tip Sheet - Camping and Hiking
  6. Tip Sheet - Tobogganing
  7. Tip Sheet - Swimming
  8. Tip Sheet - Soccer
  9. Tip Sheet - Snowmobiling
  10. Skiing & Snowboarding
  11. Tip Sheet - Skateboarding
  12. Tip Sheet - Sailing
  13. Tip Sheet - In-Line Skating
  14. Tip Sheet - Ice Skating
  15. Tip Sheet - Horseback Riding
  16. Tip Sheet - Football
  17. Tip Sheet - Diving
  18. Tip Sheet - Boating
  19. Tip Sheet - Bicycling
  20. Tip Sheet - Baseball
  21. Tip Sheet - All Terrain Vehicles

    Bicycle safety

  1. Seven Cycling Tips for Parents