TD ThinkFirst for Kids

TD ThinkFirst for KidsTD ThinkFirst For Kids is a school-based curriculum program for teachers and children in Grades K to 8. Using lessons and fun activities, the program is interactive and flexible, allowing teachers to focus on specific injury risks or general prevention units to engage their students in learning how to think first before participating in their favourite activities at home, school and play.

Through educational activities, the program empowers kids to make safe decisions and teaches them how to navigate risks in their daily lives that could lead to injury. Designed as a teacher's resource, this program was developed by a multi-disciplinary team including teachers, curriculum experts, doctors, and neuroscientists and teaches children how to think first and play safely to prevent brain and spinal cord injuries. In 2007 this program received the Safe Communities Sean Kells Award for Community Safety. 

We heard from kids about how they think first to prevent injury!  Learn more about the I ThinkFirst Contest! and how you could win helmets for your entire classroom!

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