Overview of No Regrets Live

About No Regrets Live

No Regrets Live is an internationally acclaimed presentation that encourages young people to choose to take smart risks. The goal is to help youth see the risks in their everyday lives and to take those risks in the smartest ways possible so they can enjoy a long life lived to the fullest. No Regrets Live combines a DVD presentation with a live talk given by an injury survivor, who speaks candidly about how the injury has affected his or her life, while presenting positive choices that can be made to reduce the risk of injury. We hope that our positive and empowering approach to preventing injury will help youth make smarter decisions.

Three easy steps to booking a No Regrets Live show

  1. Fill out the No Regrets Live Booking Form. Fax it to Parachute at 416-596-2721 or email it. On this form, you will be asked for information relating to the venue you plan to host the No Regrets Live show at, the audience size, and the desired week that you would like the show to present. This timeline allows the Program Coordinator to find a date that accommodates both the venue and the presenter’s schedules.
  2. The Parachute No Regrets Live Program Coordinator will contact the host within three business days after the Booking Request Form has been submitted. At this point, the Program Coordinator will have a quote prepared, along with a finalized date for the show.
  3. Following the discussion, the host will be mailed a confirmation agreement, which will outline the responsibilities of both the host and Parachute. The signed agreement will be returned to Parachute, with 100% of the presentation costs, four weeks prior to the show. When the documentation and payment is received in office, the performance is officially booked.