#CrossSAFE Program

Railway collisions and trespassing incidents in Canada are on the rise, leading to more serious injuries and fatalities. #CrossSAFE is a two-year Parachute program, funded in part by Transport Canada, which promotes safe behaviours around railways for Canadian children, teens and parents – including pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

In collaboration with Operation Lifesaver, Parachute integrates #CrossSAFE messages and materials into our annual educational campaigns (such as Back to School, National Teen Driver Safety Week and National Rail Safety Week) with a tie-in to Vision Zero road safety efforts. We also work with five grant communities who have demonstrated a commitment to year-round rail safety education, activities and events.

We encourage any individuals to make use of our free downloadable resources and talk to their families and networks about rail safety. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, teacher, youth, or an organization looking to share information with your community, these resources make it easy to learn how to prevent injuries and save lives.

Resources for parents and caregivers

This useful Tip Sheet for Parents and Caregivers provides simple tips to make sure your family is rail safety savvy. Print it, email it or share on social media with the hashtag #CrossSAFE. For more free downloadable materials - including tip sheets for kids, for teens and more - visit our #CrossSAFE Resources page.

Resources for communities

Parachute wants Canadians all over the country to learn about injury prevention and rail safety. We developed tools for #CrossSAFE community grant recipients to use in their #CrossSAFE event/campaigns, and they are free to download for anyone wishing to help spread the word. Visit our #CrossSAFE Resources page now, to download these free tools - and help save lives!

Want more information?

Please email info@parachutecanada.org for more information and how you can participate in the #CrossSAFE initiative.