What is #Safe4Life?

#Safe4life is a social media campaign designed to educate Canada’s youth about workplace safety. Parachute wants to inform young workers of their rights to proper health and safety training at work, and create a space where they can talk about their experiences with workplace safety and ask questions. Young workers have a long life ahead of them, and Parachute aims to keep it that way by encouraging Canada’s young workers to stay #Safe4Life.

Who is #Safe4Life for?

While Parachute aims to keep every Canadian worker safe, #Safe4Life is aimed at young workers entering the workplace for the first time. New workers are more likely to be injured on the job, and less likely to question health and safety practices in their new workplace. Parachute wants to encourage young workers to take initiative and make sure they are fully trained in workplace health and safety so they can stay #Safe4Life

Why do we need #Safe4Life?

Everyday in Ontario, an average of 20 workers under age 25 sustain lost-time injuries or are killed on the job, and new workers are three times more likely to be injured on the job than their experienced counterparts. Every worker should have access to proper health and safety training in the workplace, especially those starting work for the first time. Join Parachute to help educate Canadian workers on their health and safety rights with #Safe4Life.

How can I follow #Safe4Life?

You can visit our website safe4life.work to get more information on the campaign or tweet us using the hashtag #Safe4Life to join in the conversation regarding workplace safety or ask a related question. You can also follow us on our Instagram page @parachutecanada for answers to our weekly answer posts. Are you a visual learner? Youtuber Michael Rizzi has pledged to stay #Safe4Life, you can watch and share his video on workplace safety on our website or on his channel.

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