Moment of Silence

Stacey Levitt, 1977-1995

Stacey's Legacy

Stacey Levitt was born on May 19, 1977 in Toronto. Growing up in North Toronto, she attended Allenby Public School, Glenview Senior Public School and Northern Secondary School.  She was an incredible loving daughter, a loyal sister and a close friend to many. Stacey was a happy and outgoing child who excelled at school, participating in many sports and always wanted to try new challenges.

In the early evening on August 30, 1995, Stacey went jogging.  Wearing headphones, she started to cross the street, but as she stepped off the curb Stacey was struck and killed by a car.  Stacey Levitt was 18 years old.

Reflecting back on his daughter’s life, Ned Levitt remembers that, “Stacey wanted to do what I did and wanted to learn what I knew.  She excelled at learning sports.  She loved to learn, and I loved to teach.  Stacey was, from the beginning, a happy and outgoing child.  I overcame my claustrophobia to learn scuba diving, because Stacey wanted to try it.  For some reason, when she was with me, I felt safe underwater.”

At Parachute, we want to keep Stacey’s legacy alive.  With your support, we want to spread the word and educate teenagers and adults about the dangers of distracted walking.  Our goal is to get people to put their devices down, look both ways and take off their headphones when crossing the street.

In honour of Stacey, and the thousands of young pedestrians who are killed or injured in Canada each year, help us spread the word about the dangers of distracted walking.  Watch and share this important video that encourages everyone to observe a moment of silence, by putting down devices and paying attention when crossing the street.

Remember, take a moment of silence when you cross the street. The next life you save might be your own, your friend’s, your sibling’s or even your parent’s. 

Moment of Silence PSA

This public service announcement encourages Canadians to commit to taking a moment of silence by putting down their device and paying attention when crossing the street. It is dedicated to 1000's of young pedestrians that are killed or injured in Canada each year.

A Message from Ned Levitt

On August 30, 1995 Stacey Levitt, at the age of 18, was struck and killed by a car while out running. Ned Levitt share the key milestones that were missed and how this preventable tragedy has effected their family almost 20 years later. 

Pedestrian Safety and Teens Infographic

A survey of 500 teens was conducted by Parachute and FedEx in the fall of 2014 on the topic of pedestrian safety. Our infographic highlights the results below. Read more about the survey results here.

Moment of Silence Event 

On November 17, 2014 an event was held with students from Northern Secondary School to share the results of the survey and launch the moment of silence public service announcement. Read the press release.