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Teen Driver Safety in Canada

Project Gearshift

What is Project Gearshift?

As a national injury prevention organization, Parachute is proud to present Project Gearshift, a campaign designed to drive change in Canada around teen driver safety through youth and community engagement. Parachute's goal is for Canadians to have a long life, lived to the fullest. Project Gearshift provides the tools to take this important messaging to the community. Our toolkit allows people to prioritize teen driver safety issues in their communities, engage people in the conversation about teen driver safety, and create change around this big issue.

National Teen Driver Safety Week 2016: October 16-22

Thanks to the continued support of State Farm, Parachute is excited to continue the Project Gearshift teen driver safety program for 2016.  A key focus of Project Gearshift is National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW), an awareness week designed to make the public aware of teen driver safety issues and encourages communities to be part of the solution. The fourth annual NTDSW will be held from October 16-22, 2016, where we hope to keep the great momentum going from the 2015 campaign. 

Parachute and our community partners hosted over 500 events during NTDSW in 2015 and we are looking for even more groups to participate in this year’s campaign.  Check out the 2015 NTDSW page and NTDSW Community Resources for more information on all the great things that went on last year.

Please email for more information and how you can participate in 2016. 

Teen Driver Safety: The Facts

Information is power. Know the high-risk behaviours. Design interventions to reduce their occurrence. Help prevent the tragedy of injury and death in motor vehicle crashes:

Young people are overrepresented in Motor Vehicle Collision statistics are known to demonstrate increased risk taking behaviour, particularly related to driving.

Youth on the roads are still getting injured at astronomically high rates. While young people only make up 12% of the licensed drivers, they account for approximately one fifth of all road-related injuries and fatalities. Canadian teenagers 16-19 remain at a higher risk of death per kilometre than all other age groups and Motor Vehicle Collisions are a main cause of injury and mortality for this age group. This is a serious issue that needs attention. 


State Farm® and Parachute have been working together in addressing the issue of teen driver safety in Canada. 

As a leading insurer in North America, State Farm takes the issue of auto safety and preventable injury very seriously. They have been long-time supporters of Parachute and our mission to keep Canadian youth safe.


Recognition of a National Teen Driver Safety Week in Canada is an initiative of Parachute, Canada’s national injury prevention charity, and State Farm® Canada, part of the Desjardins Group, the leading cooperative financial group in Canada and one of the country’s largest insurance providers. Motor vehicle collisions are a leading public health issue in Canada. Understanding that young drivers are at greater risk of collision, these organizations are committed to working together to raise the profile of road safety for teens and develop innovative injury prevention solutions. You can learn more about Parachute at and about State Farm at