Passport to Safety

About Passport to Safety

Passport to safetyPassport to Safety is an online national safety test, certification and transcript program for workers. Those who complete a test receive a ‘certificate’ or ‘passport’ which acknowledges and verifies the student’s basic level of workplace health and safety knowledge. All of our online tests provide a base for becoming smarter and safer workers. It is a catalyst for change intended to prevent needless workplace injuries and preventable deaths and promote a culture change driven by knowledge and awareness through youth and workers of all ages. Passport to Safety online tests can be accessed by purchasing individually online without a membership.

Currently we offer the following online tests:

  • Passport to Safety Challenge for Teens (geared for those in the high school curriculum)
  • Passport to Safety 101 Test (picture-oriented, with very basic language used)
  • Passport to Safety Test (geared for those 20+)
  • Passport to Safety Supervisor Assessment (available to employer members only)
  • Passport to Safety for Supervisors (Ontario and Canada version)
  • Passport to Farm Safety

To become a member of Passport To Safety, students must register.  We also offer Passport to Safety Employer Memberships which are cost-effective with added member benefits.  For more details, visit Passport to Safety.

If you have questions about Passport to Safety or need assistance in signing up, please email Corey Pocaluyko, Client Service Coordinator, or call (905) 702-9903.