Safe Kids Week 2013 - Resources

We encourage you to visit the webpages and downloadable resources below for use in your organization, schools, sports venues and communities! 

Many of these resources were recently developed through a partnership that originated with ThinkFirst Canada. Through a contribution agreement with the Public Health Agency of Canada, ThinkFirst (now Parachute), partnered with Hockey Canada, the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport to develop the latest information and resources on concussion, including our new concussion toolkit.

Please keep checking back as more resources will be available over the next few weeks.

What is a Concussion?

Concussion Q & A

Concussion 101 Video: a Primer for Kids and Parents by Dr. Mike Evans:



How a Concussion Occurs Animation

Visit the Parachute Concussion Toolkit


I'm Not Invincible - Boy

I'm Not Invincible - Girl

Preventable: Have A Word With Yourself V.1

Preventable: Have A Word With Yourself V.2

Parachute Concussion Posters (2 posters in 1 document)

Resource Handouts

Concussion Guidelines For Return To Play

Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool Card 

Parent Tip Sheet: A parent's guide to dealing with concussions

Smart Hockey Video

Roles and Responsibilities:

Roles and Responsibilities of Parents and Athletes

Concussion Guidelines for Parents

Roles and Responsibilities of Educators

Concussion Guidelines for Teachers

Roles and Responsibilities of Health Professionals

Concussion Guidelines for Physicians

Roles and Responsibilities of Coaches and Officials

Concussion Guidelines for Coaches


Here are some activities you can do in your community to educate about the brain and raise awareness of brain and spinal cord injuries like concussions!

Community Event Tip Sheet - Here are some ideas for running your own Safe Kids Week event in your community!

Scrambled Brains and the Seven Team Sports - Word Search

Brain Maze

Melon Drop

Jello Brain

You can purchase the mold for the jello brain here


Read Nathan's concussion story

Read Katherine's concussion story

Partner Resources

Visit this link to see some of the other great concussion resources by our partners- Coaching Association of Canada, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and Hockey Canada!

The Hockey Canada Concussion Awareness App is available here.

Relevant Research and Literature

See these links for some relevant research articles and literature on concussions:

Consensus statement on concussion in sport - Zurich 2013

Sport Concussion Education and Prevention Report - Dr. Charles Tator, Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 2012

Concussion and Seven Team Sport Injury Table

Parental Attitudes Toward Concussion: Summary of Research - Carey, S. and Morrish, J. (2013). Parental Attitudes Toward Concussion: Summary of Research. Blair, K (Ed.). Parachute: Toronto, ON.