No Regrets Live fees, A/V and accessibility requirements


Please contact the for current pricing information.

Audio-visual requirements

 Parachute's No Regrets Live arrives at schools with just the presenter and a DVD. Recognizing that most venues have adequate audio-visual equipment to run the show, Parachute will expect hosts to supply a:

  • Sound system
  • DVD player
  • Projector
  • Spotlight
  • Screen
  • Microphone for the presenter (preferably a lapel mic) and one to two microphones for the question period

The venue will also require an experienced AV person to run the systems mentioned above.

Accessibility requirements

Please note that hosts must guarantee their venue is wheelchair accessible in order for Parachute to confirm a booking. If a presenter arrives at the venue to discover it is not accessible, Parachute reserves the right to immediately cancel the show with absolutely no refund.

  • This means that the venue, staging and washrooms must be accessible for those in wheelchairs to independently manoeuvre. There should be a ramp leading into the building, as well as elevators if the performance venue and washrooms are not located on the ground floor.
  • Washrooms must have accessible stalls that are large enough for a wheelchair to fit into, a door that opens outwards and grab rails inside. Door widths should be at least 32 inches wide for a straight in approach. If turning is necessary (i.e., the door is located down a hallway), the frame should be 36 inches wide.
  • The stage should allow the presenter to access it on their own, not lifted by volunteers. Such modifications are unacceptable and could result in cancellation of the show without any refund.

For more details, please contact:

David Wilson at