Kindergarten resources

Parachute appreciates the importance of prevention as a defence against injury. The TD Think First For Kids Program for Kindergarten helps develop this attitude towards safety from a young age through education. With interactive activities, songs and lessons, kindergarteners will become familiar with the function of their brain and spinal cord, and explore injury topics including cycling and playground safety. In 10 lessons students will learn to identify dangerous situations and develop their problem solving skills. 


Lesson 1: Vocabulary

Lesson 2: Signal Transmission

Lesson 3: Spinal Cord Injury 1

Lesson 4: Spinal Cord Injury 2

Lesson 5: Pedestrian and Vehicular Safety

Lesson 6: Cycling Safety

Lesson 7: Playground, Recreation, Sports and Water Safety

Lesson 8: Problem Solving I

Lesson 9: Problem Solving 2

Lesson 10: Choking Suffocation and Strangulation Prevention

Additional material

Introductory Package

Curriculum Requirements






(All songs are in MP3 format)

My Brain is So Important


Think First

Riding in the Car

Danger Zone

Look All Ways

When I Rid My Bike

My Scooter

The Playground Song

My PFD and Me

Stop! Don't Touch

Hold My Temper

Tie Them Up

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