Parachute Brain Waves Coordinator and Volunteer Resources

This page is a hub for Brain Waves Coordinators across Canada. The English resources needed to coordinate and deliver Brain Waves can be found on this page. If you have additional questions, or ideas for resources we should add to this page, please contact

Parachute Brain Waves Flyer

Parachute Brain Waves - Parent/Caregiver Resource

Parachute Brain Waves Coordinator Manual

The Coordinator Manual is a source of reference and direction for community members looking to coordinate Brain Waves in their community. It guides Coordinators through the process of school and volunteer recruitment, budgeting, purchasing materials.

Parachute Brain Waves Volunteer Instructor Guide

The Volunteer Instructor Guide is geared to everyone presenting Brain Waves The Guide details Brain Waves activities and provides the content needed to present educational components like the Sense modules and Helmet Fitting demonstration.

Parachute Brain Waves Activity Booklet

The Activity Booklet will provided to students who take part in a Brain Waves presentation. If you would like hard copies of the booklet, please contact your Brain Waves Coordinator. 

Parachute Brain Waves feedback

Feedback from all Brain Waves participants is vital for Parachute to determine what is going well, and what can be improved. Feedback forms are available for teachers, volunteers, and Coordinators. 2018 forms can be accessed below:

Parachute Brain Waves PowerPoint Presentation 

Parachute Brain Waves Slide Deck (pdf)

Jello Brain recipe

The activity Brain Waves students look forward to most! Please see recipe and instructions to make a Jello Brain Mold! Please note the recipe measurements and ingredients will provide for the most realistic "Brain". Substituting ingredients may result in your Jello not solidifying correctly.

Parachute Brain Waves Classroom FAQ

Brain Waves can spark interesting, funny and even odd questions about all things related to the brain. Here are some answers to the difficult questions volunteers have received during Brain Waves.