Parachute Safe Kids Week 2019 Resources

Parachute Safe Kids Week is an annual campaign to raise public awareness of child safety issues in Canada, encouraging community involvement as part of the solution. This year, Safe Kids Week runs June 3 to 9, and is focused on the topic of preventing harm from children’s falls in the home and at play. 

We encourage Canadians to join the discussion on social media by following us @ParachuteCanada on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and using the hashtags #FallProofYourHome and #SKW2019 to spread our message widely. 

Our signature activity for 2019 will be the #FallProofYourHome Challenge, where we'll encourage families to use our #FallProofYourHome Checklist to address key hazards for children that cause serious injuries from falls in the home.

We're partnering with Hydro One as our Ontario sponsor for Safe Kids Week 2019 and will be providing enhanced resource toolkits for 100 Ontario Safe Kids Week partners. Additional toolkits are available to buy for interested communities across Canada.

We look forward to working again with local schools, health units and community partners to implement activities across the country.

Order a community kit and/or download the free resources below to share with your community.

Community Toolkit

A Community Toolkit is available, containing all the resources and tools needed to roll out a successful Parachute Safe Kids Week in your community. Use the toolkit to help organize activities and events around preventing harm from children’s falls in the home and at play. 

Order your toolkit today:

Ontario Toolkit

The toolkit includes: Laminated Home Fall Proof Checklist with damp-erase markers (40), Mini first-aid kits (40), This is a Fall-Proof Home Window decals (40), Parachute Safe Kids Week Postcards (40), Colouring sheets (5 pages), Crayons (40), Alex at the Playground book (1), Backgrounder, Parent Tip Sheet, Signature Activity Guide, Social Media Guide.


National Toolkit (if you are located outside of Ontario)

The toolkit includes: Home Fall Proof Checklist on card stock (40), This is a Fall-Proof Home window decals (40), Parachute Safe Kids Week Postcards (40), Colouring sheets (5 pages), Alex at the Playground book (1), Backgrounder, Parent Tip Sheet, Signature Activity Guide, Social Media Guide.

Please note: Community Toolkits will be mailed out starting the week of May 6, 2019.

Backgrounder (PDF)

Use this document to get an overview of this year’s Parachute Safe Kids Week campaign, and the key messages on preventing harmful child falls in the home and at play.

Parent Tips (PDF – print double-sided one page)

Use this tip sheet with parents and caregivers to spread awareness of childhood falls and prevention tips in the home and at play. 

Signature Activity Guide (PDF – print double-sided 2 pages)

Use this activity guide to help you organize the #FallProofYourHome Challenge and other activities/events in your community to raise awareness of child fall prevention in the home and at play.

Home Fall Proof Checklist (PDF)

Checklist provides a list of what to look for in the home to prevent harm from children’s falls, and can be used to complete the #FallProofYourHome Challenge activity.

Social Media Tools

Join the conversation on social media with these ready-made posts, a digital frame/filter (for selfie fun), and ready to share illustrations.

Safe Kids Week Social Media Guide (PDF)

Facebook digital Frame (see the Social Media Guide for instructions on how to use it)

Social Media Images


Colouring Sheets (PDF – print double-sided 3 pages)

This set of six illustrations to be coloured show how to keep a home falls safe.

Fall Proof Your Home Video (coming soon!)

Media Templates

Media Advisory Template (Word document)

News Release Template (Word document)

Public Policy

Proclamation Template (Word document) 

This template can be used by municipalities to officially declare Parachute Safe Kids Week in your community.

Additional Resources

  • Alex at the Playground: A Children’s story about playground safety and falls prevention. Books are available in both English and French. Distributed with the permission of York Region Community and Health Services; to adapt or reproduce, please contact or call 1-877-464-9675 ext. 76684
  • Fall Prevention Month Children’s Toolkit. Developed by the Partners for Fall Prevention Month. 
  • Join Loop Junior, Canada’s Fall Prevention Community of Practice for practitioners, caregivers, researchers and policy planners working for the health and care of children ages 0 – 6.  
  • Preventing Childhood Falls presentation slides. Developed by Saskatchewan Prevention Institute.