Penny’s Story

Penny Easter

Brockville Collegiate Institute
Brockville, Ontario

Penny Easter guards the Ormond Street rail crossing in Brockville, Ontario. The circumstances that let her to be stationed at the rail crossing are sad, several children lost their lives due to being struck by a train and a Coroner’s inquest made recommendations to have crossing guards at level train crossings in the community. 

Each day Penny stands diligently at her crossing to ensure grades 7 and 8 students from Brockville Collegiate Institute pass safely.  Penny is at her post at all times and has a positive attitude – always making sure its safe to cross.

In April of 2014, Penny was of great assistance to a man who tripped on the tracks while a train was fast approaching. Due to her quick thinking and courage, Penny was able to get the man to his feet and out of the way of the oncoming train.

Penny exemplifies dedication to the guarding profession and is an important part of the community.