Keeping teen drivers safe

Teen driver safety is a huge issue in Canada - while young people only make up 13% of licensed drivers, they account for approximately one quarter of all road-related injuries and fatalities. Most of these injuries and deaths can be prevented.

National Teen Driver Safety Week (#NTDSW) is October 19-25, 2015. #NTDSW designed to stop the clock on unnecessary teen deaths on the road by raising awareness and seeking solutions.

Best Friends Forever

If you care about your best friend, let them know that teen driver safety is a huge issue in Canada. Best friends are very special people you want in your life forever. They are the people you make plans with, the people you talk to, and the people with whom you share the most important things. During #NTDSW, Parachute is asking you to be a #BFF and encourage your best friends to #PracticeSafeText. Talk to your #BFF about texting while driving. By agreeing to #PracticeSafeText and waiting until they arrive before texting you back, you gain a lifetime of memories.

Join Parachute in making these completely preventable injuries a thing of the past, and ensure that you and your best friends remain Best Friends Forever.

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What is NTDSW?

Alex Kelly, Senior Coordinator, Programs at Parachute provides a brief description of NTDSW.

Get involved

See our Community Resources page for information and activities to support NTDSW and spread the word about teen driver safety!

NTDSW Instagram Challenge

Take a photo with your #BFF and commit to #PracticeSafeText.


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