A message from Steve Podborski about National Injury Prevention Day

Preventing injuries and savings lives. 

This is the mission of Parachute. We are a national charity dedicated to ensuring that one day Canada will be free of serious injuries. 

Our key areas of focus are preventing serious and fatal injuries at home, at play, and on the move. We know, from research, that up to 90 per cent of the injuries people suffer now could have been prevented. Whether that is a pedestrian killed by a distracted driver, or a child drowning in a pool without proper safety fencing, we can save those lives in future by changing our attitudes and our environments. 

Education is where we start. 

Parachute offers a range of educational programs and awareness tools to Canadians so that they can prevent injuries. In the case of concussion, we teach Canadians how to reduce the harm caused by this injury by learning how to recognize, manage and treat it properly. 

We need to convince Canadians that injury prevention is a critical part of creating a healthier country: injury is the leading cause of death for Canadians one to 44 years of age and every nine hours, on average, a child dies.

We want to change those numbers. But we can’t do it without you. 

As we celebrate our second annual National Injury Prevention Day, I invite you to participate in this major event by sharing our messaging through social media, using #ParachuteNIPD and #TurnSafetyOn to help inform others, raise awareness, and drastically lower this staggering number of preventable injuries. 

Check out the list of Canada’s major landmarks that will be lighting up in Parachute “green” the evening of July 5. Find the one nearest to you and we encourage you to take and share photos on National Injury Prevention Day. You can find us on Facebook,Twitter,and Instagram.

Join us in creating a Canada free of serious injuries.