Twenty Thousand Durham District School Board Students Earn Passport to Safety

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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Durham District School Board (DDSB) is celebrating young worker safety as 20,000 of its students have now completed the Passport to Safety program.

The Passport to Safety Program is a national youth safety initiative that educates young people on basic health and safety issues before they enter the workforce and receive job-specific training. Passport to Safety is offered by Parachute, a national charitable organization dedicated to preventing injury and saving lives and the DDSB was one of the first school boards in the country to pilot the program.

“Safety is always a key priority at the DDSB,” said Joe Allin, Chairman of the DDSB. “We are grateful to the many community partners and to our schools for making this program possible for students. Many of our students have either already entered the part-time workforce or will soon, and it’s imperative that they receive these messages regarding workplace safety.”

To mark the 20,000 student milestone, the DDSB will present Jasmine Fisher, a Wilfred Laurier University student whose family experienced a traumatic workplace tragedy when her brother was killed in a workplace accident. Fisher is a volunteer with the Threads of Life speakers’ bureau.

Threads of Life - the Association for Workplace Tragedy Family Support - helps families affected by a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease along their journey of healing.

Fisher will speak on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 1:15 p.m. at Pickering High School, 180 Church Street North in Ajax. Media is invited to attend.

In reaching the 20,000 student milestone, the DDSB recognizes its community partners for their ongoing support of young worker safety and awareness in secondary schools, including: Safe Communities of Pickering Ajax (SCOPA); Ontario Power Generation; Ontario Ministry of Labour; and Workplace Safety and Prevention Services.

About Passport to Safety

Passport to Safety is a unique, not-for-profit, cross-Canada catalyst for change, intended to help eliminate needless injuries and preventable deaths of young Canadians aged 24 and under. The program supports the vision that our children enter and return home from safe workplaces every day.

The Passport to Safety program consists of young people taking a “test” based on learning outcomes developed by health and safety curriculum experts from provincial and territorial jurisdictions across Canada. Successful participants are awarded a “transcript” that can be attached to resumes demonstrating their basic awareness of health and safety.

About Parachute

Parachute is a national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives. Parachute officially came into being in July 2012 and unites the former organizations of Safe Communities Canada, Safe Kids Canada, SMARTRISK and ThinkFirst Canada into one leader in injury prevention. Parachute’s injury prevention solutions, knowledge mobilization, public policy and social awareness efforts are designed to help Canadians reduce their risks of injury while achieving Parachute’s vision of an injury-free Canada where Canadians enjoy long lives lived to the fullest. See us on Twitter, or join us on Facebook .

About Threads of Life

Threads of Life helps families affected by a workplace fatality, life-altering injury or occupational disease along their journey of healing. It provides families with referrals and is the only one-on-one peer support assistance program in the world that is delivered by trained Volunteer Family Guides, family members who have experienced their own workplace tragedy. It is currently working with more than 1,400 families from across Canada who have been affected by a workplace tragedy. The Threads of Life mission is to lead and inspire a culture shift as a result of which work-related injuries and illnesses are morally, socially and economically unacceptable.

About the Durham District School Board

The Durham District School Board is responsible for public education in the rural settings of Uxbridge, Brock and Scugog Townships and the urban settings of Ajax, Whitby, Pickering and Oshawa. The Board employs 7,000 teaching and educational services staff. With 128 elementary and secondary schools and learning centres, the Board accommodates more than 66,000 regular day students and thousands more who take advantage of a wide variety of continuing education and adult credit courses. More information can be found on the Board’s website at Please follow us on Twitter @DurhamDSB.


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