Parachute’s Safe Communities Ask BFFs to Practice Safe Text

(Toronto), October 1, 2015 – As part of Parachute’s Safe Communities Day, community leaders across Canada are asking residents to help reduce the number of distracted drivers by getting involved in the #BFF social media campaign.

With more than 1400 fatalities in Canada having occurred from 2006-2010 as a result of distracted driving, this message takes on added urgency and is why Parachute and its Safe Communities are encouraging Canadians to become aware of the importance of driver safety and to stop texting while driving. Building on Parachute’s #PracticeSafeText initiative, #BFF is a new social media campaign aiming to have every Canadian take responsibility for their safety as well as the safety of their friends.

“What makes distracted driving fatalities so tragic is that the vast majority of them are completely preventable,” says Louise Logan, Parachute’s President and CEO.   “Through Parachute’s national initiatives such as Safe Communities Day, #BFF and #PracticeSafeText, we want to make drivers aware of the devastating effects of distracted driving.”

Join Parachute and its Safe Communities in making these completely preventable injuries a thing of the past, and ensure that you and your best friends remain Best Friends Forever.

About Safe Communities Day

Now in its 11th year, Safe Communities Day is an annual public awareness campaign designed to recognize and reward the great work Safe Communities do in Canada and around the world. Sixty-six communities in Canada have been designated as Safe Communities, with more communities seeking this designation every year. Linked to an international movement begun in 1989, Canadian Safe Communities believe that a safe life is a basic right and its designation is a public affirmation of, and testament to, a community’s aspiration to create a safer life for all its citizens.  

About Parachute

Parachute is part of the Pan Pacific Safe Communities Network and is involved in the International Safe Communities Network. Parachute is a national charity helping Canadians stop the clock on preventable injuries. The injury impact is staggering. Preventable injuries are the #1 killer of children. They cost the Canadian economy $27B a year, and worst of all, one child dies every nine hours. Through education, knowledge and empowerment, Parachute is working to save lives and create an injury-free Canada. For information, visit us at, follow us on Twitter, or join us on Facebook.

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