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Designated Safe Communities:

Sixty-eight communities in Canada have been designated as Safe Communities, with more communities seeking this designation every year.  Linked to an international movement begun in 1989, Canadian Safe Communities believe that a safe life is a basic right.  A designation is a public affirmation of, and testament to, a community’s aspiration to create a safer life for all its citizens.

The official designation of a municipality as a Safe Community indicates a publicly articulated commitment to work towards a safer locality for all. It is not an end point, but rather, the beginning of a concerted effort to make injury prevention and safety promotion a top community priority with tangible results, ultimately creating safer places where citizens can live, work and play. Communities that choose to see the designation process through to the end and commit to a collaborative relationship with Parachute, members of the Parachute network and others in the domain of health and safety, are also agreeing to some guiding principles, namely leadership, sustainability, community engagement and prioritization of injury prevention.

Communities who have obtained the Safe Community designation have shown considerable commitment to promoting injury prevention and safety promotion locally.  They have brought together local officials from their municipalities at a leadership table, including representatives from local government, public health, police, fire and emergency services, educational institutions, local business, and health and safety organizations.  Designated Safe Communities have completed a formal Priority Setting Exercise and community scan, to inform their programming decisions, and they have a proven plan for sustainability.

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To find out more about becoming a designated Safe Community, please read the Parachute Safe Communities Program Designation Guidelines.  

Information for designated communities and those seeking designation: