What is a ThinkFirst Chapter?

ThinkFirst Chapters are made up of the following:

Advisory Board: 

Chapters are run by dedicated volunteers who have a passion for injury prevention. A Chapter Advisory Board is comprised of a group of committed individuals. Ideally, an Advisory Board will have a mix of medical professionals such as neurosurgeons, doctors, and nurses,  and others that touch on injury prevention professionally or personally, such as teachers, social workers, coaches, police officers, and parents. The Advisory Board, usually four to ten members strong, will help set priorities for the Chapter, build relationships within the community, and fundraise. 

Chapter Leads:

Each Chapter must have a Chapter Coordinator and Director who will advocate injury prevention messages, promote educational programs, and work to increase the Chapter's exposure within the community. The Chapter leads are responsible for keeping in touch with Parachute, ensuring available resources are used for injury prevention initiatives, and reporting to Parachute where appropriate. Chapters may also engage other volunteers for specific tasks.  Volunteer responsibilities can include arranging and participating in school and community presentations and fundraising activities.