ThinkFirst Saskatoon

Chapter Contact

Coordinator:  Julie Gerwing


Phone Number: 306-655-8433

About us

The Saskatoon Chapter was formed in 1997 and began school presentations in the early part of 1998.  Our volunteers include health professionals who are registered nurses and therapists, university students with a neuroscience or medical focus and brain or spinal cord injury survivors. We have also recently partnered with the Saskatchewan Central Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Team. 

Main Activities

TD ThinkFirst For Kids Safety Curriculum

TD ThinkFirst For Kids is a free, easy to use 6-lesson safety curriculum available in both English and French for Kindergarten to grade 8 students that addresses:

  • understanding the brain and spinal cord
  • pedestrian, cycling and vehicular safety
  • recreational, playground, sports, winter & water safety
  • creative problem solving
  • avoiding the hazards of choking, suffocation and strangulation.

Teachers choose how they wish to teach the six lessons. The curriculum was designed to be integrated into class schedules according to the teachers′ discretion or preference.

School Presentations

Our Saskatoon Chapter presents to school age children about the brain and spinal cord and how to protect them. Students also learn how to properly fit a helmet and hear from a brain or spinal cord injury survivor.  

Brain Day

Our Chapter along with an interdisciplinary team of Health Sciences students from the University of Saskatchewan enjoys putting on Brain Waves for grades 4-6 in Saskatoon during Brain Awareness Week in the month of March.

Partners with the Non-profit Organization Care and Share

We have had the opportunity to partner with the non-profit organization Care and Share to provide bike helmets to children receiving gently used bikes during Rock 102’s Bikes for Kids program in May.   


Donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to the Saskatoon Chapter Initiatives.  Please contact our Coordinator (contact information above).