ThinkFirst Ottawa

Chapter contacts:

Medical Director: 

Dr. M. Vassilyadi

Phone Number:  613- 738-3985


Tassy Lyras


About us:

The Ottawa Chapter was formed in 2005 and has been active on an ongoing basis since formation. 


The Ottawa Chapter does the following:

  • Promotes the ThinkFirst for Kids curriculums in schools
  • Provides school presentations at the classroom/auditorium level
  • Organizes Brain Awareness Week with the University of Ottawa medical students
  • Provides education and reference materials to sport coaches/trainers/parents/players
  • Organizes helmet fitting clinics
  • Disseminates head injury prevention information at community events including CDs and DVDs
  • Distributes helmets/helmet vouchers to children in low-income families
  • Performs research in: Education, helmets, concussion
  • Responds to and supports media requests to promote head injury awareness, prevention and treatment


The public can contact Parachute or Tassy Lyras, the Ottawa Chapter Coordinator.