Safe Communities Re-designation Guidelines

Parachute Safe Communities Program

Re-Designation Guidelines

Parachute requires that all designated Safe Communities renew their designation status every five years. The process is very straightforward. Achieving re-designation is a far simpler process than applying for the original designation.  

To initiate the re-designation process, Safe Community co-chairs are asked to submit a letter stating their intention to seek re-designation, accompanied by a letter of endorsement from the municipal authority.  Please note, the re-designation process should not be initiated until these letters are received by Parachute.

Once confirmation is received from Parachute, Safe Communities should prepare their application for re-designation, which should include the following.  Please submit an electronic package which includes:

  • The letter of intention from the co-chairs expressing their intention to seek re-designation, and the accompanying letter of support fomr a representative of the municipal authority .
  • A membership list of the Safe Community Leadership Table with affiliations listed.  You must show evidence that your Leadership Table is comprised of a variety of community officials, which must include representation from local government, public health, police, fire/EMS and other recommended bodies such as educational institutions, local businesses, NGOs, youth and seniors’ groups, health and safety organizations, recreation groups or appropriate provincial ministries.  
  • The adopted Terms of Reference and any addendum made since designation.
  • The Safe Community’s Succession Plan, revised as necessary.
  • A description of the Priority Setting or Priority Review Exercise and results.
  • Evidence and results of the Community Scan. This survey was originally administered prior to designation, and should be re-administered prior to re-designation. You should specifically explain how you intend to liaise with other community organizations that could enhance and coordinate injury prevention efforts locally.
  • Copies of minutes from the last two meetings of the Leadership Table, which must have taken place within the previous 12 months.
  • A copy of the operating budget for the Safe Community, which accounts for the next three years of operation.
  • Proof of administrative capacity.  
  • A copy of the community action plan, which guides the Safe Community’s activities for the next three years.
  • A formal letter signed by the co-chairs which makes reference to the Safe Community’s commitment to meet at least three times a year and to participate fully in the Parachute partner network.

Parachute will respond to your package with a letter to the local government official, e.g., Mayor, Warden or their designate. Copies will be sent to the co-chairs.