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Here you’ll find many Parachute videos, including public service announcements, interviews with professional athletes and our own experts discussing the launch of our Concussion Ed app.

Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard

Walk This Way program: Nominate your favourite crossing guard for our 2017 Canada's Favourite Crossing Guard contest.

Canada’s Vision Zero Summit

Vision Zero: Celebrating the success of Parachute's first Vision Zero Summit held in Toronto.

Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock: In Canada, preventable injuries kill more youth than all other causes combined. 

Smart Hockey

Smart Hockey: How to prevent, identify, and return to play after a concussion. 

Through the eyes of an Olympian

Injury Prevention: Clara Hughes talk about concussion and the Parachute Concussion Ed app. 

Parachute Concussion Ed app

Concussion Ed: How to use the comprehensive, Parachute Concussion Ed app.