Wheeled activities

Activities on wheels are fun and are good ways to get exercise. But it's important to stay safe. Head injuries are the leading cause of serious injury and death to kids on wheels.

A helmet could save your child's life!

Most serious injuries and deaths associated with child cyclists involve collisions with a motor vehicle. The most severe injuries are those involving the head and brain; even seemingly minor head injuries may cause permanent brain damage. Other serious injuries include broken bones, facial injuries and serious skin abrasions that require grafts.

For scootering, skateboarding and in-line skating activities, head injuries are the most serious injuries, but broken bones are the most common. Children suffer injuries during wheeled activities because of a combination of factors such as inexperience, loss of control, lack of traffic safety skills, high speed and the tendency to attempt stunts and difficult moves.

Top five tips to protect your child's head

  • Ensure your children wear a helmet every time they ride.
  • Get the right kind of helmet. Choose a bicycle helmet for cycling, in-line skating and scootering. Skateboarders need a special skateboarding helmet that covers more of the back of their head.
  • Ensure the helmet fits your child. The helmet should rest two finger widths above the eyebrow. The side and chin straps should be snug.
  • People of all ages should wear a helmet when they ride. Remember: you are your child's best role model.
  • Children under 10 should not ride on the road. They do not have the physical and thinking skills to handle themselves safely in traffic. Children over 10 need to practise before they can ride on the road.