In 2018, Parachute partnered with the Canadian Ski Council, the Ontario Snow Resorts Association and Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) to produce GRAVITY: A Film about Serious Downhill Adventures in Safety.

The film covers five ski aspects of ski and snowboarding safety: Follow these links to watch the video segments (from three to six minutes in length) on:

The right clothing, gear, and preparation

Helmets and concussion 

Alpine Responsibility Code

Lift safety 

Moving up to the big mountains.

Snowboarding requires its own set of skills. Beginners should take lessons from a certified snowboard instructor. In 2014 the CSA released a new standard for a multi-impact ski and snowboard helmet. Helmets are widely recommended for snowboarding.

Snowboarders should follow all the safety tips for downhill skiers. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than seven should not try snowboarding.

In addition, showboarders should:

  • only use boards with full-length steel edges and stiff secure bindings. The board leash should be securely attached. Children should use short boards (no more than chest high).
  • be aware that high speeds and aerial manoeuvres carry a high risk for injury.
  • keep inside designated areas and follow other rules of the slopes.