Rail safety

Why is rail safety important?

Did you know there are 73,047 kilometres of railway tracks and about 55,000 public, private and pedestrian highway/railway crossings in Canada?

Talk to your children about rail safety and the dangers of trespassing. Teach them about staying safe around trains and railway tracks. Know your child's abilities based on their age and stage of development. Children younger than nine or 10 years of age need to be supervised by an adult. It's perfectly natural for children to be swayed by peer pressure into taking unnecessary risks, and children may not fully understand dangerous situations.

Walk with your child and discuss rail safety at a level they can understand. As your child grows and matures, making safe choices will become second nature.

You and your child are walking down the sidewalk towards a railway crossing. As you approach, the lights begin to flash and the gates come down. How long is it from the time the lights begin to flash until the train rockets through the crossing? One minute? Two minutes?

Answer: as little as 20 seconds - definitely not enough time to make it across.

Surprised? Trains often look like they are moving relatively slowly, simply because they are so big. Just as you teach your children how to navigate through traffic, teach your children safety rules for staying safe around trains and at railway crossings.

Here are some tips to keep your family safe around the tracks.

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