Protect your child from flame burns

Every year an estimated 40 children, age 14 and under, die from fires and other burns. Another 770 are hospitalized for serious injuries. Fires and flames account for 34 per cent of hospitalizations, with fireplaces and woodstoves making up 7.5 percent.

Here are some safety tips to protect your child from fire burns:

Smoke detectorsInstall smoke detectors on every level of the home and in each sleeping area.

Smoke detectors save lives. The risk of fire-related deaths is three times higher in homes without working smoke detectors than those with smoke detectors. Most children who died in residential fires were in homes without smoke detectors or without working smoke detectors. Alarms should be tested every month and batteries changed each year. For more information, read Smoke Alarms.

Keep lighters and matches out of sight and out of reach.

Make sure to use child-resistant lighters and keep them out of your child's sight and reach.

Resources (created by Kidde Canada) can help families and homeowners stay safe by providing tips and information about the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide.