Falls in children

Falling is a normal part of development, as children walk, climb, run, jump, play and explore their environment. While most falls in children do not result in serious injury, nearly 5,000 children from birth to nine years were admitted to a hospital and more than 165,000 visited an emergency department as a result of a fall in 2010. This makes falls a leading cause for hospital admissions and emergency room visit from injury in those ages 0-9. 

The type and severity of falls in children is reflective of their age. Falls in infants and young toddlers typically occur around the home - from furniture, beds, change tables or high chairs or down the stairs. In older toddlers, falls tend to occur while they are walking, running or crawling around the house. As children get older and reach between the ages of five and nine years of age, playgrounds appear to be the most common area for falls.

Learn how to prevent children from falling, while also ensuring they live healthy, happy and active lifestyles.