Diving and injury prevention—Dive Smart and Sudden Impact

Dive Smart and Sudden Impact are diving injury prevention programs developed by ThinkFirst Canada, now a part of Parachute.  Each program provides an engaging video addressing diving safety.  Dive Smart is targeted at an elementary school audience, specifically students 6–12 years and in grades 1–6.  Sudden Impact is designed for a high school audience, specifically students 12 years and older in grades 7 and up.

Dive Smart and Sudden Impact are each accompanied by their own Leader’s Guide. These programs were created by ThinkFirst Canada’s Sudden Impact Committee to enhance knowledge about the importance of spinal cord injury prevention while in and around the water.

Below are the videos and Leader's Guides for these programs.  Dive Smart and Sudden Impact are also available to purchase on DVD -- please see the Red Cross store for details.

Dive Smart

Download the Leader's Guide for Dive Smart

Sudden Impact

Download the Leader's Guide for Sudden Impact