Concussion Protocol Resources for Sport Organizations

The resources on this page will help sport organizations develop and implement evidence-based, best-practice concussion protocols based on the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport. These resources are free to download and use.

Be sure to check if your National Sport Organization or your Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization has adopted a harmonized protocol.

Develop your concussion protocol:

Implement your concussion protocol:

Sport-Specific Return-to-Sport Strategies

The Return-to-Sport Strategy helps athletes, parents, coaches, trainers, teachers, and medical professionals to partner in allowing an athlete to make a gradual return to sport activities following concussion. Where possible, activities should be tailored to create a sport-specific strategy that helps the athlete return to their respective sport.

Parachute, Parachute’s Concussion Expert Advisory Committee, and National Sport Organizations worked together to develop the sport-specific strategies below. If your sport is listed, we encourage you to include the sport-specific strategy in your organization’s concussion protocol.

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Build Awareness

You have an important role to play to spread awareness about concussion to your sport community! The free resources below are a great place to start.

Player Code of Conduct
Concussion Guide for Coaches and Trainers
Concussion Guide for Athletes
Concussion Guide for Parents and Caregivers
After a Concussion: Return-to-Sport Strategy

Concussion Ed App

Additional Resources

Looking for more? Check out these resources from our partners:

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