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Priority Review Exercise

Priority Review Exercise

Parachute Safe Communities Program

Priority Review Exercise

If it has been three years since your initial Priority Setting Exercise, your Leadership Table must organize a Priority Review Exercise (PRE).

What is a Priority Review Exercise?

A Priority Review Exercise permits your Safe Community Leadership Table, and other representatives and interested parties, to review the priorities initially set out when your community undertook its Priority Setting Exercise (PSE). Your Leadership Table must organize a meeting where the priorities, and related activities, programs and projects, can be reviewed and assessed. The outcome of your PRE should be a clear picture of what is happening in your community to address your injury prevention priorities. 

The purposes of the PRE are to:

How do we run a PRE?

The following steps will help you organize a successful PRE:

  1. Gather your Leadership Table. The majority of your Leadership Table must attend this event.
  2. Invite other interested parties. Organizations that were represented at your PSE should also be at your PRE. Make particular note to invite representatives of partnering organizations of your Safe Community.  
  3. Assign a facilitator to lead the exercise. This person should clearly lay out the intention for the meeting, your objectives, and the process you’ll move through to achieve these.
  4. Review your original priorities. Take note of what you decided were your community’s top priorities, and assess what has been done to address these since your designation. Consider breaking into groups, where each group looks at one priority and its activities, and reports to the larger group. Or consider each priority and its activities as a larger group.

What do we do with the information?

Once you’ve assessed your original priorities, focus your energy on looking forward. Create a plan for the next two years that will allow your Safe Community to meet its injury prevention objectives. Ask yourselves the following:

A strong Leadership Table and facilitator will help make your PRE successful. With the information gathered, you will set a path for the future and hold people accountable for their roles in this plan.  

If it has been more than five years since your last Priority Setting Exercise, your Leadership Table is required to lead the community in a new PSE. Please see the Priority Setting Exercise Guide for information about how this activity should be organized and executed.