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Pedestrian injury facts

Pedestrian injury facts

The facts

Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability among children and youth in Canada.

While fewer Canadian child pedestrians are hurt or killed these days, each death remains a tragedy – most often a preventable one. Injuries to child pedestrians are often severe. They may be left with long-term disabilities, emotional strain and financial burdens that can last a lifetime.

To cross a street safely by themselves, children need three important skills:

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To help decide when your child is ready to cross by themselves, parents are encouraged to think about the streets that the child will be crossing (e.g., on the way to school), and assess these skills. Children who have not yet reached this stage still need to walk with an adult.

Did you know?

New research

Early research with 10- and 11-year-old children finds that talking on a cellphone while crossing a street increases by up to one third a child's risk of being struck by a vehicle . Researchers at the University of Alabama advise parents to teach their children not to use their cellphones while crossing streets, but to give their full attention to what's going on around them. The distraction of talking on a cellphone, and its negative impact on a child's crossing decisions, leads researchers to speculate on the possible effect other devices might have, such as mp3 players or texting. They suggest that more research in this area is needed.

What's speed got to do with it?

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