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Pace Car

Pace Car

Is your community concerned about pedestrian safety and unsafe driving? Are you looking for a way to engage community members to create a pedestrian-friendly community?

Become a Parachute Pace Car Community!

What is Pace Car?

The Pace Car program is a locally delivered, nation-wide program that focuses on raising awareness around speed reduction in the community, especially in school zones and pedestrian-dense areas. 

The Pace Car program involves seeking out community members to sign up as Pace Car drivers. Participants will sign the Pace Car Supporters Pledge and proudly display the official Pace Car emblems on their car window.

Many Pace Cars work to calm traffic throughout a neighbourhood - the more people who participate, the better it works!

What is the Pace Car Pledge?

Register and Order FREE Resources:

Register here to order free window clings for your Pace Car community.  Access all of the program tools and resources online- just scroll down to the bottom of this page!

Why Minimize Car Use?

Social Communities

When not in cars, communities can reclaim the streets by using them more often for walking, cycling and neighbourhood socializing. Making streets feel more like outdoor living rooms encourages drivers to act as guests.

Good for the Body & Environment

Reducing car use also reduces both speed and volume. This makes streets more livable, and frees up road and parking spaces that can be recycled into valuable community spaces including: pedestrian and cycle boulevards, green spaces for safe play, and a creative combination of shops and residences that can enhance a neighbourhood.

Save Time & Money

Most people can significantly reduce their car use (usually by 20 per cent to 50 per cent) by organizing their travel more efficiently. The rewards are a saving in time and money.

Collisions are not accidents

Create a Buzz in Your Community about Pace Car

Use the tools below to inform your community about this initiative, organize Pace Car volunteers, promote the program in your community and reach out to local media.

Program tools