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Youth tackle youth workplace safety

Youth tackle youth workplace safety

A first job is often as memorable as a first house, a first pet or a first love, and just like any other "first" often there are more questions than answers.

Parachute hopes to shine a light on the conversation in Ontario. On July 29 and 30, we are teaming up with George Brown College and youth ambassadors from across the province to raise awareness of workplace safety among youth in Ontario.



The gathering of minds will bring together students, stakeholders and professionals to develop an innovative solution to a complex issue.

"Workplace injuries and deaths cause a significant impact to Canadians, their familes and the workforce," said Parachute's Alex Kelly, one of the organizers of the event. "Ill and injured workers can face long-term health effects."

The charrette will assemble young workers and challenge them to come up with a solution to this issue by using existing social media networks and connecting with other young workers on their own terms.

"I think what excites me the most about this opportunity is how impactful social media can be when sending out an important message to a large audience," said Lucas Casaletto, one of the participants. "Getting together with a variety of different people and brainstorming ideas can go a long way in helping reach the goal."

Lucas is a master of social media in his own right, as the Social Media and Marketing Director for Sheridan College's Faculty of Animation Arts and Design. He runs their twitter account, writes content for their site and promotes their events on social media platforms.

"Social media is the right choice to reach an audience because there are so many digital platforms where 'young people' gather their informaiton and learn more about any given cause," he said. "If a message is being sent to a variety of platforms then it can reach a much larger audience, especially since young people interact and use them on a daily basis."

It's a chance to influence the future direction of Youth Workplace Safety and a select group of young Ontario works are about to make the most out of this opportunity.

For more information on workplace safety, visit our program and injury topic page.