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Planning a “Perfectly Safe” Holiday Party

Planning a “Perfectly Safe” Holiday Party

No matter what holiday your family celebrates this winter, it is important to keep injury prevention at the forefront when planning special activities.

Parachute’s Horizon is her to help. Horizon provides a host of evidence-based information you can trust, curated carefully and organized to meet your needs. The tips below can be found online at Parachute’s Horizon, along with more resources on preventing injury. Visit for information to keep you and your family injury free year round!

Being proactive can go a long way towards keeping your family and friends safe while entertaining. Here are some tips for planning your holiday party and things to consider if you live in a child-free home:

Hung by the Chimney with Care

Holiday decorations can be a beautiful addition to any home or entertaining space, but toddlers and young children are curious and active, it’s natural for them to want to explore the Christmas tree and decorations by touching, grabbing, and trying to put ornaments in their mouth!

Visions of Sugar Plums

Entertaining with young children in the house can be fun and a little stressful! Make things easier:

You can find more holiday entertaining tips on Horizon

A Bundle of Toys

The season of giving is an exciting time for children and adults alike – keep it that way with some safe gift giving tips:

Check out our tips for holiday toy safety on Horizon

To All a Good Night

Winter can be the season where busy social schedules collide with some of the worst winter driving conditions. To ensure that your family is safe on the road, follow some of these tips:

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has a resource to prepare drivers for winter roads, you can find it on Horizon

From our Parachute family to yours, we hope that you have a wonderful, and safe, holiday season!