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NTDSW Updates

NTDSW Updates

Parachute's National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) runs from October 19-25, visit this blog for updates, photos and highlights throughout the week.

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October 25

What an amazing National Teen Driver Safety Week! Thanks to all who have participated virtually and in-person. Keep talking about the importance of teen driver safety all year long and press on the message for everyone to #PracticeSafeText.

Post by Parachute Canada.

What's been going on today:

Thank you to everyone who participated in National Teen Driver Safety Week #NTDSW #PracticeSafeText @parachutecanada

— OSAID EasternRegion (@OSAID_Eastern) October 26, 2014

Great display at football game by emergency services #W82TXT #TextingKills #PracticeSafeText

— BlytheServant (@BlytheServant) October 25, 2014

Sam and Mercy of St. Basil Secondary School Commit To #PRACTICESAFETEXT

— OPP North East (@OPP_NER) October 25, 2014

We're committed..are you? @OPP_NER@AlgomaHealth @SaultFire @safessm @parachutecanada #PracticeSafeText #NTDSW

— Sault Police Service (@SaultPolice) October 25, 2014


A photo posted by @hockey_gurrrl76 on

Those at the TADD Conference in Woodstock, New Brunswick shows us how to #PracticeSafeText.

@ArebauAr and I have taken the Commitment to #practicesafetext do you? #TADD #teensagainstdrinkingandriving

— Dirty Radio Obsessed (@dirty_radio) October 25, 2014

WE commit to #practicesafetext ♡ #TADD #conference #parachute

A photo posted by Emma Bradford (@emmabradford25) on


#PracticeSafeText #Parachute @danikaphinney

A photo posted by Taylor Jacilyn Merrill (@taylorjacilynxx) on

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan declares October 19-25 National Teen Driver Safety Week. 

Don't miss out on all the #PracticeSafeText photos on our Facebook page:

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October 24

We're starting to wrap up NTDSW here at Parachute. We are floored by all the students, schools, communities, organizations, cities and provinces that have come together to spread this important message. So many inspiring events, actions, photos, and messages have been delivered this week - which have resulted in a national impact. Here is a sample of some of today's online posts: 


I commit to #PracticeSafeText! •• awwe, process of this picture was perfect! #iloveyouguys #thosephotobombstho

A photo posted by marcieee. (@marcieakershoek) on


— Tyler (@tyler_tjdimmell) October 24, 2014

Challenge for a free t-shirt? Let's do it wink #practicesafetext #fun #selfy #bestie @autumnb_99 #lol #love #her #hair #scene #scenegirl #scenehair #ana #annie #cat #deb #sue

A photo posted by Batgirl (@cheshire_catwoman) on

I've committed, will you? #PRACTICESAFETEXT @party_program

— Elizabeth Shah (@lizshah3) October 24, 2014

Fact: 83% of young drivers agree texting is a serious problem. Practice what you preach, #PracticeSafeText #NTDSW

— Public Health PHAC (@PHAC_GC) October 24, 2014

@parachutecanada @SaultPolice PracticeSafeText ALWAYS !

— Barry V. King, OOM (@k1k) October 24, 2014

The City of Regina has issued a proclomation about National Teen Driver Safety Week:

Parachute was at the Sweet Life Road Show at Loyola High School in Mississauga, Ontario getting teens to comitt to #PracticeSafeText:



• #practicesafetext •

A photo posted by Chavelle �� (@chavelle_s) on

@parachutecanada #practicesafetext

— nancie jacqueline. (@NancieJacque_) October 24, 2014
Post by Parachute Canada.

Students in Morrin, Alberta #PracticeSafeText:


#practicesafetext (Evelyn is great)

A photo posted by Kiara♎️ (@blueberry_grape101) on

October 23

Post by Parachute Canada.

What a busy day! We started off with our Thunderclap - where 117 NTDSW supporters lended their voice to this important message:

I support National Teen Driver Safety Week to drive change & stop injuries #NTDSW #ProjectGearshift #PracticeSafeText

— Safe Kids Worldwide (@safekidsusa) October 23, 2014

I support National Teen Driver Safety Week to drive change & stop injuries #NTDSW #ProjectGearshift #PracticeSafeText

— MarilynDenis (@TheMarilynShow) October 23, 2014

We support National Teen Driver Safety Week to drive change & stop injuries #ProjectGearshift #PracticeSafeText

— The Sandbox Project (@SandboxCanada) October 23, 2014

The Social supports Teen Driver Safety Week to drive change & stop injury #NTDSW #ProjectGearshift #PracticeSafeText

— The Social (@TheSocialCTV) October 23, 2014

Discover Humboltd posted a blog about Safe Communities Humboldt and Area are raising awareness about NTDSW. Here are some more of their #PracticeSafeText photos:

Post by Safe Communities Humboldt & Area.
Post by Safe Communities Humboldt & Area.

The NTDSW Virtual Classroom was attended by students from across the country. Special guests Meg Field and Missy Hague shared their important stories. Students shared their ideas and spoke about their NTDSW projects. Experts and mentors also provided great information:

Excited to kick off the virtual classroom at NDCSS! #NTDSWclass

— alexandra kelly (@alexandraskelly) October 23, 2014

#NTDSWclass Jayne Pinder, Aylmer Ontario, East Elgin Secondary School! Raising awareness through our leadership class

— / / J A Y N E / / (@jayne_pinder) October 23, 2014

Just heard 2 touching stories from Meg Field @JoshFieldSN & Missy Hague, their experiences w/ consequences of road collisions. #NTDSWclass

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 23, 2014

Lauren here from LHHS in Fredericton, NB, our microactivity was the #practicesafetext selfie activity! #NTDSWclass

— Lauren Maddock (@LauMaddock) October 23, 2014

"Leading by example": simple but powerful tip from students at the #NTDSWclass - put the phone away when behind the wheel #PracticeSafeText

— Jacquelyn Quirk (@jackie_quirk) October 23, 2014

#ntdswclass @allysonhewitt Toronto helping scale your great ideas to reduce distracted driving

— AllysonHewitt (@AllysonHewitt) October 23, 2014

Our exhibit 234, put up Tuesday afternoon #NTDSWclass

— Lauren Maddock (@LauMaddock) October 23, 2014

The Hon. Minister Raitt, Minister of Transportation shares a personal message why National Teen Driver Safety Week matters to her: 

Sunnybrook Health Sciences blogged about #PracticeSafeText and the P.A.R.T.Y. Program has been taking a lot of pictures:

Post by P.A.R.T.Y Program.
Post by P.A.R.T.Y Program.

The evening's #NTDSWparty was a huge success, read a re-cap of the Twitter Party where parents and caregivers were encouraged to talk to teens about safe driving. Just a sample of tonight's discussion:

@parachutecanada A7 I am always trying to find new ways to lay out scary realities without being a broken record #NTDSWparty

— Shelly Matta (@littlemmm) October 23, 2014

@parachutecanada A4: I always toss my bag in the back seat so I'm not tempted to grab from it! #NTDSWparty

— EastCoastMama (@EastCoastMama) October 23, 2014

@parachutecanada A4 education as much as anything else. I tell my daughter to silence her phone so she won't be tempted. #NTDSWparty

— Pat (@bcgirll) October 23, 2014

More #PracticeSafeText photos and selfies from across the country:

Post by P.A.R.T.Y. Program Windsor.

Make a pledge to #PracticeSafeText. #NTDSWparty

— Jennpup (@jennpup) October 24, 2014

#PracticeSafeText #NTDSW #ProjectGearshift

A photo posted by ⓑⓡⓘⓣⓣⓐⓝⓨ ⓒⓤⓡⓡⓘⓔ️ (@brittany_currie123) on

#practicesafetext #NTDSW #livinglifethesmartway

— Bri (@brianna_smile) October 23, 2014

We support #NTDSW to drive change and stop injuries #PracticeSafeText @SaultPolice @AlgomaHealth @OPP_NER

— Sault Fire Services (@SaultFire) October 23, 2014

��Here's just a few people who committed to #Practicesafetext A driver who is texting is 23 times more likely to crash, please don't let that be you.��

A photo posted by LeoHayesSRC (@leohayessrc) on


— Bailey (@heybailz12) October 23, 2014

October 22

Much Host Liz Trinnear, Kathryn & Meg Field of Josh Field Support Network and others share why NTDSW matters to them:

Parachute asked teens about risky driving behaviour:

Post by Parachute Canada.

The Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre released its new Ontario Compass Report on distracted driving:

TIRF Canada released some important data on teens and impaired driving:

Drug-impaired driving: a fatal issue for Canadian teens new review from @TIRFCANADA cc @StateFarmCanada #NTDSW

— TIRF Canada (@TIRFCANADA) October 22, 2014

Thanks for helping us achieve our goal!

We've achieved our goal! Will you clap along with us tomorrow too? #NTDSW #PracitceSafeText

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 22, 2014

Students at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School in Burlington, Ontario are challenged to #PracticeSafeText:


The city of North Bay, Ontario procliams National Teen Driver Safety Week:

Public Health Ontario released their Evidence Brief on Distracted Driving among Youth:

Proud to announce the release of our Evidence Brief on #DistractedDriving among youth #NTDSW

— Public Health ON (@PublicHealthON) October 22, 2014

The SADD Team at Paul Rowe Junior Senior School in Manning, Alberta is stopping the clock on teen driving fatalities:


Lots of online activity from across the country:


we're cool �� #SELFIE #practicesafetext

A photo posted by •Marley• (@marley_aurora) on

#practicesafetext #NTDSW committing to safe driving with @WRHospital @PARTY_Windsor

— F.J. Brennan H.S (@BHSwecdsb) October 22, 2014
Post by P.A.R.T.Y Program.

Make the pledge with your teens! Staff at #TBDHU have! #PracticeSafeText @6six1one3three

— TBay Public Health (@TBDHealthUnit) October 22, 2014

John Lefebvre from MTO commits to #PracticeSafeText #NTDSW

— Scott Watson (@SWatson_IP) October 22, 2014

New post: Don’t let that text be the death of you: #PracticeSafeText #railsafety

— Operation Lifesaver (@oplifesaver) October 22, 2014

October 21

Parachute attended the Ontario Ministry of Transportation announcement regarding distracted driving legislation with Ontario Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca and MPP Han Dong:


Post by Parachute Canada.

Students at Leo Hayes High School in Fredrickton, New Brunswick take some #PracticeSafeText selfies:


Take a selfie (or get someone to take it so it's better than mine) with the LHHS #SmartRisk group tomorrow in the cafetorium!There's a time and place to text, and it's not when you're driving!! #PracticeSafeText

A photo posted by Lauren Maddock (@laumaddock) on


That face though Mr Beardsley @braden_harrison and Wes kitchen #Practicesafetext

A photo posted by James (@duguidjames) on


Teens at Lincoln A. Alexander High Shool in Missisauga are comitted to #PracticeSafeText:



Post by Parachute Canada.

Meg and Kathryn Field of the Josh Field Support Network share why National Teen Driver Safety Week matters to them. Learn more about Josh's story:

The Province of Saskatchewan proclaims National Teen Driver Safety Week October 19 - 25:

Participants at the Not By Accident Conference in London, Ontario will #PracticeSafeText:

Committing to #PracticeSafeText #NBACONF2014 #drIanPike @parachutecanada

— PARTYProgramWindsor (@PARTY_Windsor) October 21, 2014

Don't text and drive #practicesafetext

— Mariana Brussoni (@mbrussoni) October 21, 2014

Hamilton General Hospital Trauma Team shares their thoughts on distracted driving:

More #PracticeSafeText fun from across the country:

Thanks to @Cmdr_Hadfield who took time out of his #YouAreHere tour to support #PracticeSafeText this AM #NTDSW

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 21, 2014

It’s #NTDSW: National Teen Driver Safety Week Stay safe, focus on the road + take the #practicesafetext pledge ����

— Sunnybrook Hospital (@Sunnybrook) October 21, 2014

@MButterly has a couple of reminders for you today. Wash your hands and #PracticeSafeText

— 98.1 CHFI (@981CHFI) October 21, 2014

#PracticeSafeText: Driving? Keep two eyes on the road & two hands on the wheel. #NTDSW

— Toronto PublicHealth (@TOPublicHealth) October 21, 2014

Project Gear Shift! #NTDSW #ProjectGearShift #PracticeSafeText

— Shanleigh McKeown (@shanleigh21) October 21, 2014

October 20

Post by Parachute Canada.

The Hon. Minister Ambrose, Minister of Health explains why #NTDSW matters to her & commits to #PracticeSafeText:

Northern Secondary School SMARTRISK group challenges students to commit to #PracticeSafeText:



Barbara Bellissimo, Senior Vice President for State Farm Canada shares why she supports #NTDSW:

Post by P.A.R.T.Y Program.

Erin Davies & Mike Cooper from CHFI join the #PracticeSafeText movement: 

It's National Teen Driver Safety Week #NTDSW & #PracticeSafeText Please don't text and drive.

— Ian MacArthur (@ianthegeneral) October 20, 2014

The Province of British Columbia proclaims October 19 - 25 as National Teen Driver Safety Week:

Don't miss out! There is still time to be a part of our #NTDSW National Virtual Classroom on October 23.

October 19

It's official - NTDSW is here!

#NTDSW matters because YOU matter - A video message from Parachute's President & CEO Louise Logan 

Post by Parachute Canada.

The City has proclaimed October 19-25 as National Teen Driver #Safety Week! Details at @parachutecanada #prevention

— City of Humboldt (@CityofHumboldt_) October 19, 2014

October 18

Parachute volunteers at the Toronto Argos game helping out with the Arrive Alive Drive Sober & Eggs on Weed booth:

Thanks to @parachutecanada helpers at our display for #arrivealive @dontdrivehigh. Thanks! #ntdsw

— Arrive Alive (@DriveSober) October 18, 2014

#PracticeSafeText lands at the SADD Conference in Regina, Saskatchewan:

#practicesafetext #kcispartans

— Tracey (@TraceyFedorchuk) October 18, 2014

And on the interwebs:


— not kamryn (@kaamryn) October 18, 2014

October 17

P.A.R.T.Y. Program Windsor gets attendees at the at City of Roses Emergency Medicine Conference to commit to #PracticeSafeText:

Committing to #PracticeSafeText @parachutecanada #cityroses2014 #NTDSW

— PARTYProgramWindsor (@PARTY_Windsor) October 17, 2014

Committing to #PracticeSafeText @WRHospital #cityroses2014 @parachutecanada #NTDSW

— PARTYProgramWindsor (@PARTY_Windsor) October 17, 2014

October 16

Canadians supporting Parachute's Thunderclap on October 23:

I support National Teen Driver Safety Week to drive change & stop injuries #NTDSW #ProjectGearshift #PracticeSafeText

— hungryhiba (@Hiba_213) October 16, 2014

I just supported Drive Change in Canada: #NTDSW on @ThunderclapIt // @parachutecanada

— boo radley (@michelleletwin) October 16, 2014

Dr. Charles Tator in our offices today encouraging Canadians to #StopTheClock on distracted driving:

Bad driving isn't cute. Read our new blog

October 15

Teens getting ready for #NTDSW: 

Love it! #DIY #NTDSW RT @alexcutting33: #PracticeSafeText

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 15, 2014

Great pic! #NTDSW RT @itsHaleemaa: Texting while driving is a slippery slope! #SWERVE #PracticeSafeText

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 15, 2014

Great selfie! #NTDSW RT @DanniKozela: Don't text and drive! #PracticeSafeText

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 15, 2014

Check out our album of #PracticeSafeText photos and selfies from across the country on Facebook: 

Post by Parachute Canada.

What is NTDSW? Learn all about how you can get involved from Parachute's Alex Kelly:

October 14

#PracticeSafeText gets a helping hand from Degrassi actors:

.@Degrassi actress has can too: #NTDSW RT @SarahFisher28: #PracticeSafeText <3

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 14, 2014

Will you? Download & share: #NTDSW RT @crisprosperi: I commit to #practicesafetext @Degrassi

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 10, 2014

October 6

Olympian Cassie Campbell posts a #PracticeSafeText selfie:

Cassie adds her pledge to end to #distracteddriving #NTDSW RT @cassiecampbell: #PracticeSafeText "No typo here!"

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 6, 2014

October 2

NASCAR driver Scott Steckley dares you to #PracticeSafeText:

#NASCAR driver @ScottSteckly22 dares u to #PracticeSafeText! Take the pledge #NTDSW Oct 19-25

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) October 2, 2014