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Stop The Clock on Distracted Driving

Stop The Clock on Distracted Driving

On June 2 Laureen Harper, The. Hon. Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, Parachute's President & CEO Louise Logan, and our special guest Kathryn Field of the Josh Field Support Network launched our year of #StopTheClock. 500 teens at Ottawa's Nepean High School were part of launching the campaign to #PracticeSafeText – all working together to put an end to distracted driving.

Below is a diary of our event yesterday – thanks to all who participated in person and online. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Nepean High School’s Chamber Choir helps kick off our event with a beautiful rendition of ‘O Canada’

Louise Logan, Clara Lockhart and Principal Patrick McCarthy welcome students and special guests to the assembly.  

Louise Logan invites Canadians to join Parachute in our year of #StopTheClock for injury prevention and to share our video.


It’s time to #stoptheclock

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) June 2, 2014


As a mother of 2 teens, Laureen Harper speaks about how distracted driving can be devastating to families and introduces the Josh Field Support Network video and Kathryn Field. 



Kathryn describes how it took no more than a second for Josh to pull out a cellphone and how that one moment ultimately ended in tragedy. She is sure that if he’d had more knowledge about the result of answering, maybe he would still be here with us today. Kathryn speaks with raw emotion, urging students that she doesn’t want their parents to receive the same phone call she did 5 years ago.

Students react to Kathryn Field and Josh’s story.

Kathryn Field speaks of how a moment changed her family’s life. His future was taken away because of a cell phone in a car. #stoptheclock

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) June 2, 2014

The Hon. Lisa Raitt speaks passionately, advising students to resist the urge to grab your phone when driving.

The Hon. Lisa Raitt welcomes students and special guests to take a ‘selfie’ to kick-off #PracticeSafeText – a social campaign discouraging texting and driving.

Calling out the #classof2014 Pledge to stop #distracteddriving & #practicesafetext

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) June 2, 2014

Helped kick off Parachute's campaign #PracticeSafeText Kathryn Field told us abt her son Josh who died too young.

— Lisa Raitt (@lraitt) June 2, 2014

Laureen Harper, Louise Logan, Kathryn Field and The Hon. Lisa Raitt wrapping up at our launch.

If you want to help spread the word on #PracticeSafeText & #StopTheClock you can download these signs to take your own selfie! Post and tweet them using the hashtags.

.@Senators @KyleTurris shows us how to #PracticeSafeText - show us your pledge! #StopTheClock on #distracteddriving

— Parachute Canada (@parachutecanada) June 2, 2014


Our supporters and friends helped spread the word online about stopping the clock on distracted driving:

We need to make texting and driving as unacceptable and intolerable as drinking and driving. #practicesafetext #stoptheclock

— Rona Ambrose (@MinRonaAmbrose) June 2, 2014

Injuries are preventable! Take the pledge and #stoptheclock against distracted driving. Video: via @parachutecanada

— Canadian Red Cross (@redcrosscanada) June 2, 2014

Joined @lraitt & @parachutecanada for an important event at Nepean Highschool encouraging Cdns to #practicesafetext

— Laureen Harper (@LaureenHarper) June 2, 2014

The Govt of Canada and @parachutecanada urge teenagers to stop texting and driving #StopTheClock #PracticeSafeText

— CACP / ACCP (@CACP_ACCP) June 3, 2014

You can help @parachutecanada #stoptheclock on distracted driving. #PracticeSafeText

— JoshFieldSupportNetw (@JoshFieldSN) June 2, 2014

Did you know: distraction was a factor in 19.4% of female & 15% of male teen driver fatalities. #PracticeSafeText

— Public Health PHAC (@PHAC_GC) June 2, 2014

We’re stopping the clock on #distracteddriving – spread the word & #practicesafetext

— Louise Logan (@elologan) June 2, 2014

The clock is ticking! You have the power to make Canada injury-free. Join @parachutecanada and #stoptheclock

— Preventable (@Preventable) June 2, 2014

Thanks again to guests Laureen Harper, The Hon. Minister Raitt and Kathryn Field for joining us at our launch, and of course a special thanks to Nepean High School and its students for hosting us!

Don’t forget to #PracticeSafeText and #StopTheClock on distracted driving.