Why donate to Parachute?

Our aim is an injury-free Canada

We need your help to put the brakes on an invisible epidemic to prevent injuries and save lives.

Our vision of an injury-free Canada demands commitment. It’s about leadership and teamwork, endurance and consistency, persistent focus and getting it done. With it comes the sense of urgency in knowing that every new day, 35 more Canadians will die because of an injury.  Within the next two hours, at least one more Canadian becomes a quadriplegic for life.  Every nine minutes, another child’s or senior’s injury leads to a permanent, life-altering disability. The most vulnerable among us - children, the elderly, our Aboriginal Peoples - bear a disproportionately high burden.

The cost of injury and all the damage that attaches to it is astronomical. With a $20 billion price tag, injury is a huge issue for all Canadians in societal and health care terms.

And, on a personal level, there are few Canadians who have not been touched, by a death or a disability to their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters or other family members and friends as a result of an injury.

Yet the epidemic of injury, redefined as a preventable disease, is still not well understood. The formation of Parachute, and its mobilization of the ideas, partnerships and resources necessary to change this perception, is about to change history in Canada. 

Collectively, the Parachute founding groups have made some progress over the last 20 years, proving that injuries are not acts of fate. They can be prevented: through leadership, research and evaluation, evidence-based programs and community engagement, combined with advances in technology and engineering, education, enforcement and culture shift. 

In fact, just two years ago we passed a watershed. It used to be that more children died of injury than all diseases combined. Finally, injuries have been reduced enough to make them only the number one killer, by a wide margin over any other disease, but not all diseases combined.

“…the chance that your child will die of an injury. It’s the biggest danger in your life. It’s the biggest issue in your life. You need to pay attention to it. You need to get this. You need to get involved.”
Mike Stevens, President, ARVA

Obviously, there is so much more to do to prevent injuries and save lives. Parachute’s four founding organizations decided there was only one way for us to go before we could ask others to support a game-changer. We had to walk the talk ourselves, to become the best we could be in order to have the biggest impact on people’s lives. We consolidated Canada’s injury prevention leadership into a single organization.

Parachute brings 80 years of combined experience under one banner, with synergies and efficiencies in place. President and CEO Louise Logan is a senior executive with a track record of significant accomplishment in the injury prevention field. Volunteers, staff and board members include injury prevention leaders and experts from the legacy groups and beyond.

Our aspirations are clear

  • To lead, inspire and mobilize Canadians to participate in creating a culture shift to help prevent injuries and save lives, with the resulting human, social and economic benefits.
  • To help families and communities protect our children and to build risk and life-management skills to support the transition of young people into productive citizens.
  • To assist working Canadians to maintain active, healthy and full lives well into retirement.

For more information, email us at info@parachutecanada.org, or call us at 647-776-5100. We welcome your inquiries and support.

Our offices are located at 150 Eglinton Ave. East, Suite 300, Toronto, ON, M4P 1E8.

Charitable registration number: 133088419RR0001.