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Understanding concussions with Parachute

Throughout September, Parachute is shining a light on an important injury that isn’t always easy to spot: concussion.

A concussion is a common form of head and brain injury, and can be caused by a direct or indirect hit to the head or body (for example, a car crash, fall or sport injury). This causes a change in brain function, which results in a variety of symptoms. With a concussion there is no visible injury to the structure of the brain, meaning that tests like MRI or CT scans usually appear normal.

Because high profile athletes are just as susceptible to this kind of injury, concussions often end up receiving plenty of media coverage. This leads to many parents, athletes and coaches learning about the injury. However they don’t always receive the answers to their many questions. To fill this gap, Parachute has created a new page that deals specifically with the topic and provides helpful resources for parents, coaches, teachers and athletes. Click here for more information.

Concussions are often frustrating for those that suffer the injury, because each person’s experience with a concussion can vary. Not everyone shows the same symptoms or displays them for the same amount of time. Some people are fortunate to recover quickly from a concussion while others require of a longer time.

If you think you have been in a situation that could lead to a concussion, don’t stay quiet. Talk to a medical professional immediately after a high impact. These injuries often go untreated and unnoticed for too long.

Let a medical professional also be part of your recovery strategy and ultimately your decisions to return to play. Remember that post-concussive symptoms may intensify after an increase in activity, so make sure a return to activity is gradual and supervised by your team.

Prevention is the best way to go when it comes to concussion.
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Check back with Parachute throughout the month to find links to useful resources, blogs featuring athletes that have been affected by concussions and so much more.

Together we can Stop the Clock on preventable injury.