Inside Parachute

Look out for ‘Choices’

Waiting for a movie to start has never been more exciting and informative! Last night, with support of  TimePlay and Cineplex Inc., Parachute presented Choices, a new interactive short film produced to help end distracted driving.

The launch event was a great success! Attendees included enthusiastic supporters from local high school and college student. It is very encouraging to have so many young people who care about driver safety.

This 90-second film is a launch of a new media format produced by OPC in conjunction with Collective Agreement, TimePlay and The Voila Foundation. Choices is now available prior to the start of the film during October 2016 in all Cineplex locations.  

“The value of the initiative was clearly recognized by everyone, this is highlighted in the fantastic feedback that we received. We hope that there will be many more great projects like this to come,” said Rem Langan, Chief Development Officer at Parachute.

The film will also help raise awareness during National Teen Driver Safety Week in raising awareness of teen driver safety topics and encouraging safe teen driver and passenger behaviour.

Parachute is grateful to everyone involved who worked so hard to bring Choices live to the screen and hopes that together, we can educate teens about driving and road safety and help them to #GetHomeSafe. Remember, look for Choices during the TimePlay pre-show in Cineplex theatres across Canada throughout October.

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