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Introducing Best Friends Forever

Parachute is proud to introduce Best Friends Forever, a new way to talk about preventable injuries. This marketing campaign asks each of us to consider how injury can have a direct impact on our best friends. This approach is designed to encourage dialogue between friends; allowing life-affirming injury prevention messages to come from a trusted source.

Every one of us is someone’s best friend. Best friends have each other’s backs. In fact, sometimes our best friend is the only one we’ll really listen to. Parachute wants to harness the power of best friends to prevent injury, and ensure that all our friends and loved ones live long and healthy lives.

Parachute asked #BFFs to #Practice Safe Text during National Teen Driver Safety Week. Eight out of ten young adults said they would speak up if they saw a friend texting and driving. Best Friends Forever encouraged teens to use the power of positive peer pressure to ask their friends to put the phone away when they are driving a car.

Want to let your best friend know how much you care? Simply purchase a $5 e-card to invest in your friend’s future and pledge your dedication to their well-being.  Visit our donation page for more information. 

We’re excited by this new approach and look forward to integrating this into more activities. Best Friends Forever can help friends change the behaviour of friends who are in harm’s way.

Support Parachute and invest in your best friends’ future.