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I ThinkFirst! Contest winners named

I ThinkFirst submissionThe I ThinkFirst! Contest has wrapped up another successful year with three contest winners named. Parachute received over 50 submissions from 128 students from across Canada.

The I ThinkFirst! Contest is designed to build upon the lessons learned in the TD ThinkFirst For Kids curriculum. Students are invited to submit creative art projects, explaining in their own words why and how they “Think First!” to prevent injury when they are active.

Congratulations to the two winning classrooms who will be receiving helmets for their students: Ms. Matheson’s Grade 2 class from Manning Elementary School, Manning, Alta., for their bright and colourful paintings, and Ms. Englezos’ class from Trinity Montessori School, Markham, Ont., for their creative poetry and short stories. Hannah Malott of Sarnia, Ont., also won a bike helmet for her injury prevention collage.

Check out all the submissions at our Facebook album. Find out more information on the TD ThinkFirst For Kids program

Here are a few of the winning selections:

I Think First
I always wear a helmetI ThinkFirst collage of images
My bike has a reflector and a comfy seat.
I fasten my special horn
And I try to stay out of the heat.

I always wait for my dad
And help my brother too.
We ride to the park
In our cool bikes that are blue.
By: Braeden Lau

Play Safe
I play safe at home and at school
Thinking first is the very first rule.

I look at traffic lights before crossing the street
My baby brother has to sit in a car seat.

Helmets protect your head from getting hurt
I stay safe even if I fall in the dirt.

When I go to the pool I walk on the deck
If I run I might sprain my neck.

I play safe every day
Now I know that it’s the right way.
By: Isabella Chana