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Introducing 2017 Stacey Levitt Memorial Award Recipient

Parachute is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2017 Stacey Levitt Memorial Award is Jenicca Jean from Upper Queensbury, New Brunswick.

Jenicca is a grade 12 student at Nackawic Senior High School.

"Jenicca’s academic excellence, exemplary leadership abilities, her service to her school and community, and her general love of life make her an ideal candidate for this award, despite facing significant obstacles," said her vice-principal.

“I’m tremendously honoured and will try to keep her (Stacey) memory alive,” said award-recipient, Jenicca.

Jenicca exemplifies Stacey Levitt’s qualities and ideals, and Parachute’s overarching goal of a long life lived to the fullest, while maintaining an approach that is rooted in risk management and injury prevention.

Congratulations, Jenicca, on this great accomplishment!