Concussion Toolkit

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A contribution by the Public Health Agency of Canada has made possible the development of many important new resources for Preventing Child and Youth Concussion in Team Sports.  The project's aim is to reduce the rate and severity of concussion and brain injury in child and youth team sports by reducing its incidence and improving return to play decision-making.

ThinkFirst Canada, (now Parachute), partnered with the Coaching Association of Canada, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, and Hockey Canada to create useful new materials for athletes, families, coaches and officials, educators, health professionals and others. These include: the Coaching Association’s new concussion resources in its National Coaching Certification Program, Aboriginal coaching modules and eLearning modules; the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport’s Active and Safe Ethical Decision-Making Game, pledge and self-assessment tool; and Hockey Canada’s concussion applications for smart phones, designed for kids and adults.

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These 20" X 28" posters are available as PDFs that can be freely downloaded and printed. (Note the PDFs are large, approximately 100MB.)


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