Concussion Toolkit


This section is devoted to risk-reducing behaviours with respect to concussion and includes legislation, regulations, policies, guidelines and rules of play.  In team sports, this can refer to rules for players, coaches, parents, associations and facilities, as well as protocols in the event that rules are not followed.

National Sport Organizations outline rules and regulations with respect to sport and conduct. Rules and regulations such as no checking from behind in hockey or no spearing in football help to reduce the risk of concussion. For sport-specific rules and regulations, visit the website of your National Sporting Organization.

In general, rules and regulations do not encompass return to play guidelines following a brain injury or concussion.  The six steps for returning to play can be applied to all sports. Until such time that all sports regard these guidelines as best practice, then we are obliged to create awareness, change attitudes and inspire action within the various stakeholders themselves. Guidelines for Parents, Athletes, Teachers, Coaches and Physicians are available in the section of this tool kit under Roles and Responsibilities.