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Shining a light on concussions

The injury often goes unseen but information is key to discovery.

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Concussion resources

Prevent & recognize concussions with Parachute’s Horizon

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The teacher’s guide to concussion

Know what to do if it happens in your classroom

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Champions for Pedestrian Safety

With kids getting ready for school, it's time to keep them safe.

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Be prepared to prevent injuries

Scouts Canada is taking a proactive approach to injury prevention

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  • How to recognize a concussion

    Concussions often go 'unseen' but with this video you will be able to spot the signs and symptoms, as well as understand more about this common injury.

  • Sounds of Texting

    With new rules coming into effect in Ontario, now is the perfect time to watch this Texting and Driving prevention video from Ontario Provincial Police.

  • 12 On-Ice Hockey Tips

    Here are 12 On-Ice tips to reduce injuries in Hockey, presented by John Tavares and Tessa Bonhomme. These tips are a part of the Parachute's SMART HOCKEY video.

  • Cost of Injury - Molly Tissenbaum

    Every year, injury takes a staggering toll on children, seniors, families, and communities across the country. New data from The Cost of Injury in Canada Report quantifies the financial and societal burden on our citizens, our health care system and the Canadian economy. The financial costs of preventable injuries are rising and unsustainable.

  • Stop the Clock

    In Canada, preventable injuries kill more youth than all other causes combined. Canada incurs an annual economic burden of $27 billion per year. Find our more at #CostofInjury

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