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CEO Steve Podborski talks about concussion education (at 54:15)

CBC Cross Country Checkup
November 18, 2018

Former Crazy Canuck Podborski going full speed ahead on concussion management

The Star
October 21, 2018

How long should a child keep using a rear-facing seat?

The Globe and Mail
October 29, 2018

New seniors’ falls project

Public Health Agency of Canada gives $250,000 to Parachute’s Pan-Canadian Seniors’ Fall Prevention Network project.

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Scalds and burns

A child's skin burns four times more quickly and deeply than an adult's at the same temperature.

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2019 Stacey Levitt Award

Applications for the 2019 Stacey Levitt Award are now being accepted.

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Youth and Vision Zero

Parachute presented to RCMP National Youth Advisory Committee on drug impaired driving.

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